Heat Pump for Second Empire Home in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Gifford decided to buy a heat pump from Comeau Refrigeration for their 4000 square foot Second Empire home in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Heat pumps are a great option for heating and cooling homes in this region due to the moderate climate. Before purchasing a heat pump, it’s important to consider factors such as the size […]

Cold climate rated tri-zone 24,000 BTU Fujitsu XLTH series.

Completing our Fujitsu tri-zone installation today for the Jackson family in the Annapolis valley. Cassettes were chosen by the homeowner for aesthetic purposes. It creates some design considerations and especially in a new build, ensuring that the envelope is as tight as possible. It’s important to work with the builder to ensure that the cassettes […]

Ten Advantages of Fujitsu Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Installers in Greenwood & Kingston, Nova Scotia

Fujitsu is a leading manufacturer of heat pumps, and there are several benefits to using their products. Here are ten of the best things about Fujitsu heat pumps: It’s never been easier to switch to a heat pump in Greenwood, Kingston; we’re just a hop, skip and a jump down the road! We offer on-bill […]