We’ve been offering this important service for years. Some people believe in regular maintenance yet some don’t! The fact is any mechanical device that is in operation as constantly as the average heat pump is going to require annual maintenance.

Mold, or microbial growth as we like to say, is not always present. Of course just because you can’t see it does not mean you are free and clear. In many cases though, the units have plenty of typical dust accumulation without visible growth. The units don’t come from the factory with mold in them so what’s the source? Pets, crawl spaces, poor ventilation(HRV) and other things can introduce mold into a home. An air conditioner just happens to be the perfect place for it to lodge and grow.

Don’t wait until you notice an issue.

There are other reasons to have regular maintenance as well. Microscopic refrigerant leaks can, over years, result in much reduced efficiency and heat output. Your service provider should be licensed to diagnose and recharge refrigerant systems, not just spray cleaner. We undertake amulti-step approach to maintenance that results in a system being restored to near new operating efficiency and cleanliness.

And your system will be treated with a proper microbial agent to prevent future growth.

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