Gifford decided to buy a heat pump from Comeau Refrigeration for their 4000 square foot Second Empire home in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Heat pumps are a great option for heating and cooling homes in this region due to the moderate climate.

Before purchasing a heat pump, it’s important to consider factors such as the size of the home, insulation, and the desired temperature range. The size of the home is a crucial factor, as it determines the size and capacity of the heat pump required. In Gifford’s case, a 4000 square foot home would require a larger heat pump than a smaller home.

It’s also important to consider insulation, as a well-insulated home will require less energy to heat and cool. This can help to reduce energy bills and increase the efficiency of the heat pump.

Finally, the desired temperature range should also be taken into account. For example, if Gifford prefers to keep their home at a constant temperature throughout the year, they may require a larger heat pump than someone who only needs to heat their home occasionally.

Overall, purchasing a heat pump is a great investment for Gifford’s home in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, as it will provide efficient heating and cooling throughout the year. It’s important to work with a reputable and experienced installer, such as Comeau Refrigeration, to ensure that the heat pump is installed correctly and maintained properly over time.

The team at Comeau Refrigeration took care of all the paperwork; including on-bill financing with Nova Scotia Power and the warranty was filled out and submitted too!

“I simply found the entire experience to be exactly what I had hoped for; no more lugging wood all winter long and from the first consultation to the passing of the remotes, Comeau was top notch professionals.” ~Gifford