About Us

Servicing Fundy Shore, Annapolis Valley Region and all of South Western Nova Scotia We specialize in the design and installation of Fujitsu systems.

In 2001 Dale had ten years experience in commercial refrigeration when he decided to accept a job offer overseas. Returning to the Valley in 2008 from a seven year term in Cayman Islands where he worked as lead mechanic, project manager and purchasing agent for AndroGroup Ltd., Dale had all the experience and technical ability he needed to start Comeau Refrigeration Ltd. AndroGroup Ltd had at times over two hundred men in the field. In seven years he gained the field experience equivalent to working 30 plus years in the Nova Scotia market- it was intense. 

There was a great opportunity in the valley due to the small number of qualified HVACR shops operating. Within a month of opening in March of 2008, the schedule was filling regularly. Soon it was time for another truck, another mechanic and the rest is history. Comeau Refrigeration Ltd. has completed projects with HVACR budgets from small to large, some approaching a million dollars. The niche market is definitely high end and historic properties that require creative and sensitive design of high end heat pump systems. The only limitations to what the Fujitsu product can do is our imagination.

Whether you require wall mounted heat pumps or a fully ducted and concealed system, Fujitsu can provide the highest efficiency equipment of any manufacturer. Allow us the privilege of designing a comfort system for you. Get your quote today.