Canada Greener Homes Grant

Interest in the Canada Greener Homes Grant is very high and our contracted delivery partners are working hard to keep up with demand. Homeowners can expect wait times to vary to have an energy assessment and you may be placed on a waitlist. We ask that customers not place their names on multiple waitlists. The […]

Heating and Cooling With a Heat Pump

If you are exploring options to heat and cool your home or reduce your energy bills, you might want to consider a heat pump system. Heat pumps are a proven and reliable technology in Canada, capable of providing year-round comfort control for your home by supplying heat in the winter, cooling in the summer, and in some cases, heating hot water for your home.

Dangers of Unlicensed HVAC Contracting


As a licensed and insured HVAC contractor in the Miami area, my technicians are often called to homes where a system has failed. And, after looking the system over, it’s easy to see that the previous work was done by an unlicensed worker. Sometimes the homeowner cannot locate the person responsible and calls us in […]

Québec Takes Notice of HRAI’s Advice and Removes Ductless Equipment from EPR Regulation

HRAI reported last month on ongoing discussions with Québec’s Ministry of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change, advocating on behalf of members for the exclusion of ductless equipment from the application of a new regulation that will mandate recovery and reclamation of end-of-life products by manufacturers. With the support of manufacturer members and […]